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With our event Wi-Fi services you can stay up to date with the latest news from your event on social media or steam live to the world with a fast connection.


Connect with your event

We don't want to release a un-finished, untested service to our clients, that's why we are currently testing this at significant events in our local area. Think you could give our system a test? Find out more below.

Our Services

Here you can find the list of services we provide on-site with our new service.

Event Wi-FI

VoIP System

Range Extending


Affordable. Reliable. Easy.

Our service is easy to use and quick to install. We can install the kit on-site at your event and leave it running the whole time providing a reliable service for your event.


Here are some of our frequently asked questions

No. We provide data connections for event staff, payment terminals and check-in apps.

Currently no. We are looking into this for future events however we can now get a rental kit in to provide this service if needed.

The install on-site can take up to 2 hours; however, it usually is faster. We would also need to complete an on-site survey before the event to test speeds and find the best solution for your event.

Yes. We allow a custom name for your Wi-Fi network; we will always keep one system dedicated to us for maintenance, however.

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