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DW Media provides a range of media services across the North East of England and beyond. Started in 2014 by Daniel Wilkinson, DW Media has now grown to be known around the North East area for working with events, small businesses, and charities.

We specialize in online media including video production and social media marketing. Find out more about us below by clicking "Find out more".

Our Services

Social Media

Social Media has become a driving force for events, local businesses, and charities, DW Media can help you get started with your online profile and help manage your new online brand for thousands to see.

Video Production

Now with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos with others, it is important to produce your own video content. This is a great way to expand your audience. DW Media can provide for a range of productions whether you want to start a new web series or are looking to produce a short business commercial.


Want to expand your next event? DW Media has years of experience producing content for events and marketing to a range of audiences. We can take the lead on Social Media, Press and Video Content while you get on with the planning of the event and general management.

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